e mërkurë, 20 qershor 2007

More pictures in San Diego

Here are some more pictures from our trip - Balboa Park,
Hotel del Coronado, the San Diego Temple, and antoher picture at graduation when Matt was hooded.

Trip to San Diego

Last night (June 19) Brent and I returned from a trip to San Diego. We drove down last Thursday in time for Matt's graduation from University of California at San Diego where he received a Master's degree in International Relations - Pacific Studies. It was so fun to visit with him and to finally see where he lives, see the campus, enjoy the ocean and beach, take in a session at the San Diego Temple, walk about in Balboa Park, and the acquarium. Matt is doing very well, and we are really proud of his accomplishments. The question now for him is, what next???? Hopefully a good job (somewhere in the U.S., if Mom gets her wish!)

e martë, 12 qershor 2007

Trip to New York

After seeing some of the sights in Massachussetts, Emily came with us to visit Ned in New York. This was my first trip to New York City and was very interesting. We stayed with Ned in his 4th Floor apartment in Manhattan, attended the Harlem Ward for church on Sunday, and among other things, visited Ellis Island, toured a tenement house, walked the Brooklyn Bridge at night, saw a broadway show "Wicked" and relaxed in Cental Park. I can see how New Yorkers stay in good shape - it's all the walking they do getting to the subways! One fun thing for me was to see the location where some of my Oakley ancestors were baptized. In John Oakley's journal he notes that they were baptized in the East River at the foot of Main Street. It was really easy to find and such a picturesque spot now with the Brooklyn Bridge and skyscape of Manhattan in the background. Of course it would have looked quite different back in 1840.

Trip to Boston

At the end of May 2007, Brent and I went to Boston to visit with Emily. Even though her graduation has been postponed until Fall, when she finishes her thesis, we took some pictures of her in a cap and gown. (borrowed from a classmate) . We also enjoyed seeing where she lives, meeting her roommates, and walking around Boston University.

Other activities included visiting Walden Pond near Concord, a graveyard where I saw markers for ancestors' relatives, some sightseeing along the Freedom Trail in Boston and a visit to Plimoth Plantation. It was an enjoyable trip and educational, as well.